Southern Koreans in Canada aren’t allowed to use cannabis

Southern Koreans in Canada aren’t allowed to use cannabis

Recreational cannabis may already be appropriate in Canada, but South Koreans in the united states aren’t allowed to utilize the drug.

Based on a study regarding the nyc days, the Korean Embassy that is south in Canada warned via Twitter that regardless if South Koreans come in nation or region where cannabis is appropriate, eating it continues to be forbidden. Southern Koreans whom violate this guideline and smoke cooking pot face the possibility of punishment home.

The embassy asked South Koreans to be mindful never to commit any act that is illegal in order to not ever get punished for this.

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This reminder that is“friendly is absolutely absolutely nothing brand new or odd to South Koreans, though. These have recognized for years they can be prosecuted within their house nation for making use of illegal medications offshore, just because it really is in a location where use of the medication is appropriate. Continue reading