This week, I will be talking about the importance of desexing guinea pigs!

This week, I will be talking about the importance of desexing guinea pigs!

Many individuals tend to be unaware it is possible to desex guinea pigs, and that you can find range health advantages to achieving this at a more youthful age.

Did you know female guinea pigs can even become pregnant who are only four weeks old?! This will make it extremely important to be certain just what gender guinea pigs you’re acquiring, to prevent unanticipated pregnancies! Aside from preventing pregnancies that are unplanned desexing your guinea pig may have other health advantages too!

Non-desexed male guinea pigs could be housed along with other male guinea pigs, nevertheless, they don’t always go along and they’ll often offer other guinea pigs undesirable attention! This will probably lead to fighting, and bite wounds could be severe. They may be able additionally develop testicular tumours, though they are maybe maybe not typical. The essential universal problem seen in non-desexed male guinea pigs could be the accumulation of faeces within the anal vestibule, which regularly becomes uncommonly big in older male guinea pigs. Continue reading