The thing that is horrible never ever knew about ducks

The thing that is horrible never ever knew about ducks

In the Venn diagram of strange animal mating behaviors — from lobster showers that are golden garter-snake orgies — duck intercourse is regarding the border between cartoonish and sadistic.

That’s right, our beloved mallards participate in some mating behavior that is seriously disturbing. The side that is“dark of duck mating features its own chapter within the brand brand brand new book “The Evolution of Beauty: exactly just exactly How Darwin’s Forgotten Theory of Mate Selection Shapes the pet World — and Us” by Yale ornithology professor Richard O. Prum. It’s a controversial subject, making notoriety in 2013 after news leaked that the government contributed $400,000 to examine the mating practices of ducks — dubbed “duckpenisgate” by mom Jones.

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But Prum, receiver of the MacArthur “genius grant,” thinks that understanding duck intercourse might better help us comprehend development. And it also all starts aided by the duck penis.

Ducks, for just one, are outliers in the avian populace. Unlike 97 per cent of birds, ducks have actually penises — super-long people. Continue reading